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Welcome to Tutoring!

Welcome to Tutoring! It can be an exciting world; one in which I have been a part of since 2001. I love to teach. I love to tutor. In general I just love learning. However, I did not love math when I was in high school. In fact, I hated it! Why then do I tutor math, one might ask. Well the answer to that is a short story. When I was in high school, I was always placed in the advanced math classes. I took precalculus when I was in 11th grade. I took so many math classes in high school, that by the time I was a senior I couldn't go any further in math because I had already taken the highest math offered at my school. Despite the fact that I was in advanced math, I struggled with it daily. Looking back it was obvious my mind had not yet matured enough to grasp the more detailed concepts. I labored for hours each night trying to understand my homework.

When it was time to take the college placement tests, I placed in calculus. My major would require a series of calculus I and II, but I was dreading it. My college counselor saw how anxious I was about my math class and advised me to take a lower level trig. class. He said that it would be ok to take an easier math class while taking harder classes like economics and science. I baulked at the idea at first. I had placed into calculus, so I should take calculus, right?

Well, I decided to heed my college counselor's recommendation and signed up for trig. instead. Within the first two weeks of class something amazing happened! I started to like math! My instructor made trig. fun. We used it to solve everyday problems. I was excited to go to class. I completed homework with ease and aced every test. I discovered that math was fun!!

The following quarter I signed up for calculus I and I did struggle; however, I kept my improved attitude. I studied hard and was able to excel at math. After that math just became easier. I found out I loved it and it loved me. I decided that I wanted to pass on the love of math to others. If I could make it fun then maybe other students would have an easier time than I did.

So, I am tutoring lots of different math classes. Some of them I have not taken the certification test for yet, but I will. Keep an eye out because each week I will take a few more until I am certified in all the subjects I want to tutor!

Good luck and great studying!!

Math (Basics - Precalculus), Business & Computers Tutor

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